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  China's OA Software Trends Toward UC and SaaS
January 31, 2008

China's Office Automation Software (OA) revenues reached 2.494 billion Yuan in 2007, up 20.8% over 2006. Growth remains strong, though it is slowing. (Note: CCID Consulting defines OA Software to include the two sub-categories of "Collaboration Software" and "Office Suites".)

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Source: CCID Consulting, November 2007

CCID Consulting sees the following trends:

Unified communications via the collaboration platform.

Large enterprises are beginning to demand better integration between various office and collaboration software. An emerging area, the collaboration platform, will serve as a unified electronic platform that enables synchronous and asynchronous communication through a variety of applications, computers, and devices.

Chinese enterprises are seeing the need to cross-integrate CRM, FM, HRM and SCM into their OA software environment. However, different types of vendors will need to cooperate to provide such unified, collaborative environments. Examples include ISVs, telecom solution providers, telecom equipment and handset manufacturers.

OA Software delivered through SaaS grows.

CCID Consulting expects to see SaaS OA software revenues to grow faster in China, enabling OA software to reach the untapped small and medium enterprises (SMEs). SMEs are turning to the SaaS model because of its relatively quick deployment and little or low upfront costs. Training associated with SaaS will also increase.

2007 in Review

There was high growth in collaboration software, as users demanded more sophisticated solutions.

Growth of the collaboration software category remained high, as users sought solutions in document, knowledge, and teamwork management. Conversely, the desktop office suite category (primarily Microsoft Office and IBM Lotus) growth slowed.

Still many software vendors competing.

There are currently over a hundred software vendors competing in China's OA software market. Many smaller vendors are limited by their size and reach, or their industry expertise. Large opportunities for stronger vendors remain.

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